For Him

Who has ever fantasized about a perfect prince charming that will bring you to the best life ever? Similarly, I have fantasized about marriage as something that would complete me. Even though I didn’t say it out loud, I believed that there was nothing more important than being in a relationship with a man. He would provide me with everything – peace, joy, guidance, security, self-worth – and we’d live happily ever after, the end. I was expecting of a man what I can only find in a Creator, and it seems that I am not alone in this. I didn’t recognize that I placed marriage over God, creation over Creator, until I heard Jackie Hill Perry, who is now married with a child of her own, talk about it in her book (1). She says that although marriage is glorious, it doesn’t sum up Christianity. My focus needs to be on getting into relationship with Christ, about living my life FOR HIM. To me, being a Christian means that the aim of everyday is to glorify God in the way I think, speak and act; through the choices I make and the path I take. The special man in my life is called to walk with me and encourage me towards Christ, but he himself IS NOT Christ. Whether or not I go to Him, Christ IS the ultimate source for ALL of my needs – serenity, authentic happiness, comfort, direction, meaning and confidence – not a man, not marriage, not a friend, not a job, not a status, not achievements. We have a life because of Him, we live life for Him and it is through Him that we will know peace, joy and love. The throne is for Him alone. (1) Gay Girl, Good God, Jackie Hill Perry

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