Following God

I've heard many times how people think about being a Saint, but not right now. Maybe tomorrow they will start, or when then have this and this in order first. But how do you know that you will have tomorrow guaranteed? If I were to have to stand in front of God today and tell Him, "well I was going to start being a saint tomorrow when I had this figured out or did this first" it makes me feel like that wasn't exactly a priority for me until it was convenient. I feel we don't think about this question enough. Do you want to be a saint? If yes, what are you waiting for? We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even 30 min for now, so what are we honestly waiting for? Striving to be a saint is not comfortable or easy, but we don't get there by the easy road. Quite honestly it comes down to this...we either want it or not. It's as simple as that. It's as hard hitting as that. In today's world, with all the things that are happening around us we don't need more people who will say that they will work on themselves tomorrow, or strive to follow God when they have a few more things lined up. We need people who will say "I will start following God TODAY, and become the Saint He has created me to be!" Will you start becoming the saint you were called to be today? Waking together, Sandra

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