Follower of Christ

First of all, there is nothing wrong with looking and feeling beautiful. It becomes a problem when we weigh physical beauty as higher than anything else. When we spend more time in the mirror than we do in prayer. When people's approval of our physique is more important than God's approval of our daily life. This kind of outside focus distracts us from that which is eternal, which is a lethal consequence considering that there is only one being who wants us to be distracted (to look away from God): the devil.

Can you imagine if all of the effort that we put into looking good went into our relationship with God, and thus our internal sanctification?

Next time you have thoughts about your alleged inadequacy, and you start believing these thoughts, know that there is no need to fear or feel hopeless. When we start to believe lies it is because we have looked away from God, meaning we can always choose to turn back to Him. He has our identity, and in this identity, we are always enough, always special, always unique, always cherished.

We are forever His precious little girls. He created us beautiful inside AND out, so just as we take care of our physical bodies, we must even more so take care of and nourish our souls. Enjoy makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and the like, but remember that the joy and fulfillment we deeply long for can only be found in a relationship with our Creator.

Focus on your identity as a follower of Christ and your beauty will radiate!

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