Focus on Joy

My dearest sisters,

As the Easter season has just truly started, I thought what a more fitting time to be talking about joy. We truly get to experience the joy of the Resurrection when we are surrounded by those that we love and as we share wonderful memories.

But it is so easy to lose that joy when we step away and go back to our busy lives. We lose sight of that joy that we experienced and we focus on all the things that are not going the way that we want them to.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was so upset because she had such a wonderful Easter weekend with her family and had to return back to the Toronto area for work. She was upset because she could not be close to her family. She felt like her job wasn't going anywhere and she felt stuck.

When we began talking, I realized that even though it was hard to leave there was also the joy in that. Because life won't always be those perfect moments. We have to appreciate them when they come and praise God for them.

I think that we also have to remember that we are meant to live out the joy of the Lord. To be truly grateful in our everyday lives. Appreciate the little joys, the laughter of a child, a really great song, a delicious meal, or a phone call from a friend. Our lives are filled with the everyday joys, we just have to truly be opened to see them and look for these hidden little gems.

Live out the joy of the Resurrection every day. Look for it in your everyday life.

In Christ, Diana

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