Five minutes matter.

An enjoyable and much needed trip to the nail salon this week forced me to confront a harsh reality.

It had been ten months since I had gotten a pedicure. I was in dire need of some TLC and 'me time'. I'm a (semi) new mom with an eight month old who is closer to walking each day. Coupled with staying on top of chores, little sleep, and crawling after a very curious babe, you could say I am pretty busy.

I am so busy in fact, that I can't remember the last time I sat down just to 'be present' and reflect; to 'be still' and tune into God's voice. I also can barely remember the last time my rosary wasn't interrupted or when my mind wouldn't run wild thinking about what I need to do next.

My spiritual life has been dry.

But I'm a busy mom... So, God understands. Right?


And so, I've sort of lived my life this way the past several months.

This, along with months of having churches closed, have inevitably caught up to me, though. I have been doing the bare minimum to 'get by'. Because God understands, I have told myself over and over again.

But does He?

This past Monday, I made a nail appointment for the early afternoon when my daughter was to take her second nap. I asked my mom (God bless her) to come over so that she could watch her while I step out for an hour. I was so excited. I made sure to prepare everything she could need while I was gone for the hour so that it was smooth sailing. I left in excitement for my long overdue 'me time'.

As I sat in the chair at the salon getting pampered, something came upon me very prominently. It was almost like a voice telling me, loud and clear, "you had the time for this, because you made time for it."


"You made the time for this, because it was important to you."

Right away, in my heart I felt an intense realization. I truly feel like it was God speaking to my heart. And it hurt, I'm not going to lie. It hurt, because I was confronted with the harsh reality of the truth:

When something matters to me, I make the time.

I started looking back on the days that had passed before this moment, and I found many pockets of 'time'.

On the weekend, we went to a farm as a family for fruit picking, then visited a friend. We were out for hours. There was time there.

During the week, I decided to curl my hair. There was time there.

I watched a TV show after my baby went to sleep, or I scrolled through social media for half an hour, or I reorganized my pantry, or I did my makeup. Time.

Now, don't get me wrong - I think it's important, in fact, crucial for one's mental health to have these moments of 'time' to do something enjoyable or not entirely necessary. But when you look at how much time is spent on each of these things, you begin to realize that five minutes of each of those activities could be spent given to God.

Now, five minutes may not sound like a lot, and it isn't, but can make the biggest difference.

Five minutes of reading the Bible in the morning can transform your day. Five minutes spent in silence just talking to God, can help you overcome a struggle that day. Five minutes spent saying a decade of the rosary throughout the day can total the entire rosary by the end of the day.

Those five minutes matter.

If you are, however, TRULY busy and don't have those five minutes, God wants us to invite him into those moments of our day where we are busy so that we glorify the work we are doing by offering it up to Him, with joy. Instantly, that becomes our prayer.

So, no matter how busy we may be, there are always ways to pray and make the day more about God, and less about ourselves.

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