Firmness of Faith

How often have we felt like the answers to our prayers have been a "No" from God? But have you ever stopped to think that maybe it isn't a complete 'no', but more of a 'I have something better for you? or 'I know that this isn't what will fulfill you wholly."

So often we feel like our prayers are never answered or that God isn't listening to our prayer requests. But when the fact of the matter is that God in His most loving ways, protects us from even the things we think we desire most.

A prayer that I have been recently praying a lot when it comes to make big decisions in my life or trying to find the direction in my life, is to simply say to God: "Lord, if it is Your will, make this happen. But if this is to lead me away from You, then please don't let this enter my life."

God truly wants the very best for us. This is something that we must hold onto with a firmness of faith. God's answer of 'no', might actually be a great act of love for us. Trust that God knows what is best and it will happen in His timing.

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