Fiat 90

This is not your “cabbage soup diet” or “cucumber cleanse", although those too, may be beneficial to you when accompanied by healthy motivations. Fiat90 is a form of praying while developing self-mastery and creating for ourselves, a more focused and intentional lifestyle.

This particular experience challenges our current physical, spiritual, and mental habits, not as a form of punishment, but as a way to bring us closer to Him. For instance, one is asked to ensure themselves 7 hours of sleep, at least 30 minutes of prayer, and to call, rather than text others, as much as possible. These are all fantastic and life-giving habits to have!

That all being said, not all components are possible for each one of us, due to circumstances that are outside of our control, and that’s okay. When we engage in activities just because they are supposed to be good and even have been good for others, without considering our personal situation, we may do ourselves more harm than good.

This is not a race, but a heart challenge, one that done best with others, where members can find loving accountability and encouragement. In considering such challenges, allow your heart to guide you in such a way that you participate in the fullest measure, without causing unnecessary harm to yourself or your family (i.e. if you are breastfeeding, the dietary restrictions may not be something plausible).

'Tis the yearly season where we remember about the very concept we may soon forget: goals (although I hope that this year will be different in this regard!). I thought it'd be appropriate to put this idea forward, in case it was something that you will find beneficial for yourself. My hope is that each one of us seeks for, and finds, something (or a few somethings) that will help in the walk of faith. If not Fiat90, then something else that gets us out of our bubble of comfort and closer to Him! Whatever we choose, the concepts mentioned in this "challenge" are worth considering, in the capacity that you are able to, so check out the website for more information! (1)

Yours truly,

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