Feelings aren't Good or Bad

This is not meant to simplify anything… wounds and lies can have a profound impact on our hearts especially if they're around for too long. So, putting "shake it off" into practice can be difficult, messy and uncomfortable, to say the least. Keeping ourselves stuck in the feeling of rejection doesn't help us out of it, so we need other options. Authors at Pray As You Go shared a beautifully meditative reflection on this very topic by focusing on the daily Gospel reading. They spoke to rejection assertively yet gently, asking the following question: "When I meet rejection or failure do I shake the dust off of my feet and move on? Or do I take it personally and feel hurt and resentful, and let all of this smolder inside of me?" I don't believe any feeling is "wrong" to feel because feelings aren't good or bad, they're just "sources of information", as I've been told by a social worker. That being said, feeding certain feelings (i.e. rejection) by believing the lies that it comes with (i.e. "you're not good enough") has caused me much additional pain (i.e. inability to feel joy for prolonged periods). I desire to be so grounded in Christ that even "when [I] walk through the fire, [I] shall not be burned" (Isaiah 43:2) and my best guess is that you would like the same. As the author of the bible reflection did, I too pray "to know God's closeness to me, here, right now and never to lose sight of it. To let myself be loved and livened and guided by God". Today, be aware of the lies that rejection may tell you and deny them as soon as they come up. Your infinite value does not change, no matter what you do or what is done to you. May you choose to believe this. Bible Reflection (Feb 4): https://pray-as-you-go.org/player/prayer/2020-02-06 In case you're not familiar with them, Pray As You Go creates daily bible reflections available as a phone application or accessible online. Isaiah 43 song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL6H7cHWjrE

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