Feeling of Happiness

What makes you happy? Where do you find happiness? I'm not talking about "warm feelings inside" kind of happiness, but that deep, true, authentic happiness.

Our desire to want to be happy, to want to be loved, is never a bad desire. This desire is one that was placed in our hearts by God. It is good! Unfortunately, as a result of original sin our sense of direction has become distorted. We start looking in the wrong places and only find temporary satisfaction, if any at all.

I always remember hearing the "if only..." line.

- If only I could buy that house then I would be happy

- If only I could have that job then I would be happy

- If only I could lose weight then I would be happy

- If only my children would listen to me then I would be happy


The list goes on, and notice how there is never a final point. It continues on even when we receive that thing that we felt would make us happy because we find we want more, or something different. It's like getting a water jug but with holes in it. Sure we will be able to have a drink but it runs out much quicker. Instead of realizing that we need to search for a better place to find a jug of water that won't run out, we keep going to the same place and just get 2 or 3 jugs instead.

In this instance, more is not better. More just briefly prolongs that feeling of happiness, but it still gets to a point where it runs out. Sisters, the truth is we will never find that true happiness when we seek it in the world. It will never be enough, it will always run out and it will leave us wanting more and more.

We need to realign our direction and untwist it. Matthew 6:33 reminds us, "But seek first the kingdom [of God] and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides." Our desires were meant to be directed towards God and seeking His kingdom first. Only then will we find that true, authentic and everlasting happiness that won't leave us empty and searching.

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