Feed your soul

I came across this quote the other day, and it hit me hard. So hard, in fact, that I've spent the past couple of days really reflecting deeper on what it says.

We all have a daily routine pertaining to our bodies. We know we need to get enough sleep to function properly. We also know that we need to wash our bodies daily and feed ourselves three times a day with nourishing foods to ensure that our bodies are healthy and well taken care of. We take vitamins, go to the gym, drink water, rest, buy nice clothes... All for the sake of caring for what is our physicality.

These are all good and important things. But today I wanted to invite us all to take a step back and ask ourselves:

Do we take this same care of our souls? Do we nourish it daily, with the "food" it needs?

My sisters, going to mass once a week on Sunday is part of our obligation as Catholics (though I personally feel like it is more of an honor rather than obligation). It is an honor because it is at the Holy Mass that we experience the True Presence of Christ. During Mass, heaven and earth are united and we experience the supernatural — the true Divine Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is what we, as Catholics, know is true. We are the True Church in which Christ Himself is revealed at each mass.

He is the bread of life; food for our soul. Without Him, we are not complete. Whenever we receive Him in the Eucharist, we become a part of the Mystical Body and unite with Him in a way that nothing else can unite us with Him. This is the greatest gift in this world. Everything else, really, should become secondary for us. The ultimate gift of this life is the Holy Mass and it deserves to be revered and treated as such.

And so, although I know how busy our lives can be (believe me, I totally get it), today I wanted to invite each person reading this to attend one extra mass this week (if you can do even more than that, amazing!). Whether it's a mass before work at 8am, or one during our lunch breaks (which I know a few young professionals do), or one in the evening during the week, there are many ways we can be flexible to accommodate our busy lives. Try it, and see what an impact it has on your being. An impact that no met physical need could have. An impact on the very core of our hearts; because after all, we are all souls in a temporary body.

One day these bodies we live in will be gone and our souls will continue on a journey in eternity. This is our time to do EVERYTHING that we can to prepare ourselves for the next life. God has given us all the tools we need to get to heaven, it's only up to us to use them.

I am praying for you all!

In joy, Kasia

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