Fear of the Unknown

For all of you who woke up with the fear of the unknown today. For all of you who feel the struggle to trust. God knows how many times I have struggled with that and allow myself to become overwhelmed by worries, somehow believing that the only thing I can do is worry. It is in those moments where God grabs my heart's attention and reminds me that in the end, our goal is not to understand and know everything...that is His job. Our goal is to trust...and believe that God holds everything and sustains everything. A little girl fears nothing, when she knows she is the strong and secure arms of her loving father. So why do we fear so much? Why do we worry? May this be a reminder to all of us on this Monday that no matter what obstacles this week will bring...we have a loving Father who holds us close in the safety of his arms. He holds everything together and sustains all things. His grace is enough for us. Walking Together, Sandra

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