Family Life

It's always nice to spend time with our families. But I'm sure for some of us, being together every moment of the day for the last 3 or more weeks, can feel overwhelming. Maybe someone has said something that has upset you, maybe members of your family are getting on your last nerve, or the kids are driving you crazy. So many feelings of being cooped up for a while can take a toll on you. And that is totally understandable.

I love my family very much, but we all have different personalities and we each have our own expectations and desires of what we want to do. But one thing that I have noticed is how significant prayer has become in my family during this time.

Every night, my family comes together to say a Novena to our Mother of Perpetual Help and to say the Rosary. This fills our home with peace, and we each forget for those few minutes about what we need to still accomplish in this day and anything else that has been bothering us.

We are living in a time of a great spiritual warfare, with our Churches being closed and not being able to physically participate in the Sacrifice of the Mass. We need to remember that we have to strengthen our families in other ways during this time. It's time to start coming together daily as a family for prayer, Bible mediation, Rosary and even watching Mass online.

Fill your homes with the Spirit of God, and you will see how much peace it will bring to your family life.

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