Faith and Trust

I was reminded of the scene in Matthew's Gospel when the disciples were on a boat and got caught in this huge storm, while Jesus was fast asleep. For a moment I pictured myself in that moment and wondered how I would react in their situation. Would I be calm and collected like Jesus or would I be running around like a headless chicken like the disciples? Knowing me...probably the headless chicken! I get so wound up in these situations that I sometimes lose all reason and just sit in the tunnel vision of every worst possible scenario that I can think of. It's interesting as we read on in that chapter how Jesus reacts to the disciples when they wake him up. His first response to them is "Why are you afraid, you of little faith?" (Matthew 8:26). My first reaction probably would've been something like...DUDE! DO YOU NOT SEE THIS CRAZY STORM THAT IS ABOUT TO SWALLOW US ALL?! (Yes...that dramatic!) But think about His question one more time...Why are you afraid? Are we willing to say that all those storms we face are bigger and stronger than God Himself? When we put it that way we instantly know that there is nothing more powerful than God, but in moments when we get caught up in those storms we lose sight of that. Why? Because of our lack in faith and trust. Those are the moments where that trust becomes tested and I realize that sometimes I may know something in my head but struggle to believe it in my heart. Whatever storms you are facing now, ask for the grace of trust and faith. Ask Our Lord to help you with your distrust. Be persistent with it and keep asking! When that moments comes when we make the journey from our head to our heart...we will find ourselves calm and at peace in those storms, because we will be asleep right beside Jesus on the boat. Walking Together, Sandra

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