Even in our fears, we know that we can trust.

A year ago, I was facing a really scary situation. I was about to be wheeled into an operating room. I didn’t know what my future was, I was so incredibly terrified. But I remember thinking; "I don’t know what the future holds Lord, but You already know and I lay it all in Your hands".

If you told me a year ago what my life would look like now, I wouldn’t have believed you. In this last year, God has poured out His graces upon my life, given me health, joy and freedom. But it wouldn’t have been possible, if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith.

When I started reflecting on all of this, the Lord sent a song into my heart, to put to words what I was feeling. I want to share the song with you, because maybe you are also facing something that you are scared of. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty right now in the world, and I think it’s important for us to remember, that God is already there in the future. He knows what is ahead of us. He will equip us for the journey that we are embarking upon.

"I can't seem to find the easy answers

Someday, I hope the suffering makes sense

I just need to know that you are with me

Even if you keep me in suspense

We talk so much these days

Because I have so much to say

You stay and listen to me closely even though

You already know

Everything I'm scared of

Everything I hope

You hold my tomorrow

And all tomorrow holds

You already know"

Take a moment, and allow this song to be your pray to God. Even in our fears, we know that we can trust.


Praying for you.

In Christ,

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