A few years ago, a children's movie came out called Inside Out, and I think it was a great way to teach little children on how to deal with difficult emotions as they are growing up. But I think as adults, we can take a lot out of it as well. So often, we think of any emotion other than joy as wrong. To feel sadness or angry, is wrong. Well if we think about it, if we didn't experience those other emotions we wouldn't truly know what true joy would feel like. I was at a funeral a few months ago, and I saw so much sadness around me. And I thought to myself, how unbelievable it is that we knew true joy to be around such an amazing person to be able to experience this sadness with her being gone. When those moments of sadness come, we have to be grateful for them. Often times, they are great opportunity to learn and reflect on our lives. Having those difficult moments, allows us to appreciate the wonderful ones. If we never have to endure the rain, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the sunshine. Praying for you today! May your day be filled with so much joy! In Christ, Diana

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