Emotionally overindulging

My dearest sisters,

Yesterday, Kasia shared with you her struggles with gluttony and how she overindulged due to emotions.

I think a lot of us can relate to this. As women, we are such emotional beings, and often we find ways to suppress these emotions.

Some women turn to food, some turn to exercise, some turn to tv, social media and so much more. What we do when we overindulge is we try to silence the voice in our own heads of how stressed we are, or how unhappy with feel within ourselves or how awful of a day we have had.

I have gone from every extreme, from emotionally eating, to emotionally working out, to binging on tv and you name it. See gluttony takes everything that is good in moderation to the extreme. When we don't know how to deal with our own emotions, it's easy to fall into this extremeness.

The only way that I was able to break free of the chains of gluttony is with Christ. I realized that in my head, my desires were not good. Gluttony can trap us, make us feel even worse about ourselves as we fall deeper into despair. But my heart desired goodness. It desired to be free and to be with God.

If gluttony is something that you struggle with, know you are not alone! But this prayer has helped me a lot whenever I felt weak or like it was too much to overcome.

"Lord, I know that in my weakness you make me strong. I know without, I will fall to my desires. Help me Jesus, and I offer to you this struggle."

Praying for you my sisters.

In Christ, Diana

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