Emotional Chastity

"Emotional chastity is refraining from emotionally obsessing over someone you just met. Or creating a nonexistent relationship in your head. Or placing huge relational expectations on someone with whom you barely have a relationship."

I remember when I was in high school, there was this super cute tall guy with sandy brown curly hair and a great smile. His locker was just a few down from mine, and I remember having the biggest crush on him. I would try to make sure to stop at my locker between classes with the hope of running into him.

I didn't know him but I had our fairytale wedding already created in my head. I invented his whole personality and what he would say to me. I would spend time in class daydreaming about our first date. It was so romantic and just perfect.

But time passed by and I have to break it to you ladies... Here I am years later and that fairytale never came true. In fact, he never even said a word to me.

As women, we can often create these romantic scenes in our heads, but the actual outcome is very different and we can be let down or hurt when someone doesn't meet this unrealistic expectations that we have put on them.

Emotional chastity is something that I think all women struggle with in some way shape or form. Even now, I still personally struggle with this. I think it comes with having watched every single romcom ever created. We watch these movies, and have this hope that they will come true in our lives.

Today, I wanted to invite us all to truly strive for emotional chastity. Sisters, let us stop this cycle of hurting ourselves, building up these unrealistic fantasies. Instead, let's strive not to use another to fulfill our desires emotionally.

If this is something that you struggle with, today take some time to pray about it.

"Lord God, I know that the desires you have placed in my heart are good. My emotions are good. Help me to use both to glorify you. Help me to not use another person for my own gratification. Help me to see this individual as my brother in Christ. Purify my desire and help me to see them for who they are. Amen"

I am praying for you always!

In Christ, Diana

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