Emotional and Spiritual Health

Yesterday I was reading the daily readings and each day there is a different quote from a saint. St. Mother Teresa was the one who decided to fill my day with some of her wisdom.

I know I wrote a reflection on her previously as well but I honest to goodness cannot get over how beautiful her simplicity is. Listen to how she spoke to my heart yesterday:

"We can cure physical diseases with medicine but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love."

I was talking with my mother-in-law recently and she was saying how lonely people are now. Anytime she talks to a friend over the phone it's as if she can feel that sadness and loneliness they are in.

This time that we are in is something none of us have ever experienced. Even more so, we were never created to be in isolation. As human beings we were created for relationship, for love. So it's not surprising at all that this is really starting to take a tole on us, and quite simply we are starting to feel that loneliness creep in deeper and deeper.

We need to remember that there is more to us than just the physical. Our emotional and spiritual health is JUST AS IMPORTANT. They all come together and work together.

How are you choosing to love today? What is one small, simple act that you can do today to bring that cure that is love to someone? How can you bring God, who IS love, to someone who is lonely today?

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