Embrace Your Blessings

Don't just count your blessings today...take a moment to embrace them!

Recently I was noticing how I would focus on worries, stresses, negativity, pessimistic thoughts or problems throughout the day more than anything else. I was driving with my fiance and it seemed like everything would just trigger our nerves and kill our mood. From the slow drivers on the road to the overwhelming heat.

Later on that day we took some time to talk and he came to me with this realization of how much those thoughts took away.

We genuinely had such a great weekend, spent time with family, laughed, it was beautiful sunny weather...yet we chose to focus on little things that came up.

We made the choice of giving up complaining for the rest of the day and just embracing everything we had. It made such a difference!

It's as if the shutters came off and we were able to see everything that was right in front of us the whole time...but we were too blind to even notice it.

My dear ladies, today being Monday already has this reputation of being the dreaded first day of the work week. I say let's challenge that!

Give up complaining for this whole day. If a frustration comes your way bring yourself back to the present moment and find something to be grateful. Heck, even thank God for the struggle you are facing because you know there is a hidden blessing to be found in it.

When we allow God to take our shutters of negativity off, we see all the beauty around us!

Walking Together, Sandra

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