Each Person's Journey is Unique

We are all on a journey. Sometimes it goes up hill, other times it goes down hill, sometimes it even twists and turns and sometimes we start going backwards.

Every person's journey is so unique and different, but at the end of the day, we are all walking.

There comes times on our journey when we hit a hard stop. Maybe it's a traumatic event that happened, maybe your health went downhill, maybe you got let go from a job, maybe there is tension in your family...regardless what it may be it quite literally stops you on your journey.

In those moments the hardest thing to do...is to take that first step. Ironically it becomes the smallest but also the biggest step. That step takes a lot of trust.

Picture that you are in a dark room and God placed a candle at your feet. You can see your feet and only the circumference that the candle sheds light but beyond that it is still dark. God invites you to take a step forward, but maybe you hesitate because you don't see what is beyond that light.

Come back to that present moment. Are you able to see where to make that one step? Yes. The candle will show you enough light for that step. When you make that step, God moves the candle over so that you are able to take the next one.

The same is with our own personal journey. God doesn't ask you to reach the finish line right away, he just invites you to take one step towards it and he provides you enough means to make that step.

God will never ask you to do more than you can handle, and every time he asks he will always provide you with enough light to complete that one task.

Don't rush ahead, take that one step today. Tomorrow, you will focus on taking the next one.

Walking Together, Sandra

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