Don't shy away from how you were created

No need to feel shame for being created exactly as you are. Easy to say right? Perhaps you have a list of what you feel are reasons to feel utterly ashamed, and, girl, I can totally relate... and I'm sure that most of us know how this feels. The truth is that this list is untrue and we have a choice of whether or not to believe the lies littered all over it. Some things, such as painful rejection, make it challenging to see ourselves in a different light, and some things, such as a change of action, help us develop a renewed perspective. All we need to know is that, even though we have wronged others in a way that may feel unforgivable (not true) and have been wronged in a way that feels defining (not true), God labels his creation as GOOD. Do you hear this? You are GOOD, girl, regardless of anything, simply because you are His. Can you imagine how life would look if we always lived in this identity? Today our Creator is born in a God-man form that is way beyond the limitations of our human comprehension. In the same way that His presence on earth was intentional, so is His creation of you. However, you are celebrating - alone; with others, in person; or via zoom - know that there is a plan for you and live from that perspective today! I believe that when we find ourselves in Him, His plan for us gradually becomes more evident, and we develop an increasingly unshakeable hope. Don't shy away from how you were created, bask in it's unique and beautiful complexity! You are a radiant reflection of your Creator and do everything you can to stay in this identity! May your Christmas be blessed, soul-filling, and focused on what is most important! You got this, girl! With love, Oh, and one more thing: "Tear off the mask, your face is glorious" (BeautyBeyondBones)

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