Don’t put the entire weight of it on your shoulders

From the Vault!

Here is one of my first blogs from June 12, 2016!

Dear Sisters,

WHY GOD?! How many times have we said that/wanted to say that? I for one will admit that I have screamed this phrase many times in my life. We get stuck in so many situations and sometimes wonder why. Why are we being pushed so much? Why are we going through so much that we feel we can barely handle? Our initial reaction becomes to question God, and we get upset, even angry with him, and start blaming him.

I want to pose one question that was asked me when I had those exact same hurts and complaints. “When things are going well in our lives, we praise God in everything we do. We raise our voices in joyous worship because all these incredible things have fallen into place. But why is it, that when things are falling apart or we feel completely hopeless, we raise our voices in anger and blame God?” One might think that it seems a bit unfair that we only run to God with love and praise when everything is going well for us, but run to him with spears and blame when everything is crumbling.

God will NEVER test us beyond what we can handle. That was his promise made to us. It might not feel that way at times, but maybe it might be because we forget that some trials we were not meant to face on our own. Each trial we approach, God constantly reaches out his hand and asks, “Do you trust me? Do you trust me to guide you, to give you the strength to overcome this?” Each time we push away his hand and try to walk on our own, he still walks with us. And each time we fall, he reaches out his hand again asking, “Do you trust me?”

My dear sisters, when faced with your many trials don’t put the entire weight of it on your shoulders. Tell yourself every time, “when I’m weak YOU make me strong, YOU carry me on through this world”, and reach out and take his hand. He is always waiting, patiently waiting for you to take it.

Walking Together,

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