Don't Let Anything Kill Your Joy

Being stuck at home with your family at first probably seemed like no big deal, maybe even seemed like an opportunity to spend more time together. Now, I have a feeling many of us have had moments when the people in our house have been driving us a little (ok maybe a lot) crazy.

As I think about it though, I always find it interesting how God will always try to grab our attention. Sometimes He will do it with something big, like this pandemic even, but sometimes he will do it with small subtle moments. A habit that someone in your family has that is now getting on your nerves more than ever...but in reality it is actually a reminder for you to grow in patience for example.

If there is one thing that this time at home has taught me, it is to be more grateful and to always find joy and humour in everyday. I always look at the saints, and they were always filled with joy! Fulton Sheen says, "Saints have a sense of humour. A saint can be defined as one who has a divine sense of humour, for a saint never takes this world seriously as the lasting city."

I remember once coming into my bedroom and finding a random q-tip on the bed. Honestly...I just started to laugh! I could have very easily gotten aggravated and angry at my husband for not throwing it in the trash can, but what good would that have done? How would that be a way of striving to be a saint? Instead, I somehow found something really funny about it and it gave us something to joke about later on.

My dear ladies, don't let the tension and seriousness of the world kill your joy and laughter. Remember that God will never stop sending you opportunities to grow and to grab your attention!

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