Don't fear what others say

Too much.. have you ever felt like you are just too much? Too loud? Too smart? Too talkative? Too crazy?

I have been experiencing this fear a lot as a single woman, while trying to navigate dating, that I might just be too much for others. It’s this fear I have in me, that I might be too much for others. I have a fear of being rejected because someone won’t be able to accept me as I am.

I think a lot of us experience this fear of rejection because of who we are, and we struggle with being accepted by the world. We are scared to really truly show ourselves to the world, in fear that it won’t accept us.

But what I have come to realize is that the only person who has to accept you, is YOU! We have to truly learn to love who we are. We need to accept ourselves, because we have already been accepted by the person who will loves us the most in this world. Everyone else can reject us, because we have already been accepted by God.

Don’t fear what others say about you today. Stand tall, keep your head up! Be talkative and have an opinion! Be crazy and be smart! Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot be you!

Praying for you.

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