Do I need this?

My dearest sisters,

As technology has advanced, our lives have become so much easier. It's so easy to be able to stay in contact with our friends, to have a video chat with those who live around the world, to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home, or to read a book anywhere you want.

Technology has definitely freed us in some ways, but in other ways it has trapped us. It has caused us to be "slaves" to our desires and to want more than what we have.

Online shopping is one thing that has definitely made our lives easier, but also something that I think many of us struggle with.

I know for myself, amazon is my best friend but also my worst enemy. I have caught myself from time to time, just scrolling through amazon trying to find a really cute elephant cup or a new water bottle, both things I absolutely don't need.

How often do you find yourself scrolling through different clothing sites, amazon or other places mindlessly placing things into your "chart"?

I know the dangers of just saying, "Oh just this!" or "Look how cute this is!". But then things begin to pill up without us even noticing.

Whenever I am about to make a purchase, I think of the Netflix special with Marie Kondo, where she cleans people's home. Her line is: "Does this spark joy?" Which is a good thing to ask yourself before you purchase something.

But something even better to ask, "Do I need this object? Is it necessary for my salvation? Is it going to make me holy, or pull me further from God?"

Praying for you my dearest sisters!

In Christ, Diana

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