Do I live for God?

If someone did an investigation on your life, or you were put on trial, would they find evidence that you are a Christian? That you live your life for God?

Sometimes I like to give this question to the grade 7s during retreats, and it is always intriguing what thoughts it brings up in them when they are asked to look at their life through this kind of lens.

I must admit...it also makes me look at myself too. Would there be evidence in my own life? Do I bring God into every aspect of my life or do I live as if he doesn't even exist?

Seems like an intense question, but for the longest time that is how I lived my life. I gave God my Sundays, but Monday - Saturday I acted as if he wasn't even a part of my life. I felt it was what I needed to do to be accepted and seen. Almost as if I blamed God for giving me a bad reputation in school, but I didn't have the heart to completely throw him out.

Was I happy? Not even close. There comes a point where you get so sucked into the world that you don't even realize how far in you are. Anytime we live only for and in the world it's not a question of if we will hit a rock bottom...it's a matter of when and how far will that bottom be.

My dear ladies, become a detective today and take a deeper look at your day, your week. Do you live for God or for the world?

Walking Together, Sandra

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