Discerning God's guidance

When discerning God's guidance in your life, there are a few key things to help you to discern if it is God who is guiding you down a different path.

1) God equips change

When it comes to divine intervention in our lives, things happen very smoothly. I have always found, that when it is God's plan everything falls perfectly into place.

2) A persistent thought

For those who walk with God, we sometimes get these repeated nudges from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us. This can come in many forms, but if it’s continuous over a significant period of time (and in tandem with other clues), it’s likely that God is revealing His will.

3) Peace

When something is from God, it will bring you peace. In every big life decision moment, I have always known when something was from God because of the overwhelming peace. You will have peace and assurance when you are going down the path that God has chosen for you.

Those are the three ways that I know when something is from God.

How do you know when it is from God? Do you listen to the gentle guiding voice? Do you hear where he is trying to lead you? Today, spend sometime with God reflecting on what he wants from you.

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