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Fr. Mike Schmitz is a priest who is in charge of the Newman Center on a college campus in Minnesota, serves as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth (1), and has a massive internet presence (2)(3). He is one of six siblings, loves steaks, uses all of his God-given talents, and appreciates being able to enjoy life through things like running, kayaking, and spending time with his family (4).

Through listening to his homilies, talks, and YouTube videos, there is no doubt in my mind that he is a vessel of healing for many hearts and minds. He doesn't wash down the Good News yet manages to relay God's message of love in a way that is compassionate, humble, with the times, easy to digest, and thought-provoking. For me, it seems that he not only understands what he preaches but wholeheartedly feels it.

This year, Fr. Mike Schmitz started a "The Bible in a Year" podcast series (5) featuring Jeff Cavins, who has his own podcast called "The Jeff Cavins Shows (Your Catholic Bible Study Podcast)" (6). Although I am not yet familiar with Jeff's show, I am thrilled to have two bible experts help us navigate the very text that is our guide to living a fulfilling life. It seems like countless other people are equally as excited as this series has topped the charts!

How awesome is it that so many people are choosing to listen to a bible podcast!? God is GOOD!

Sisters, I hope that the things mentioned above will encourage us to make use of what people like Fr. Mike and Jeff Cavins have prepared for us! It doesn't have to be this route per se, but find something that helps bring you closer to God's Word because that is THE answer. I also hope that the goodness of individuals, who have given their life to Christ, inspire us to give Christ the same kind of YES.

We are all in need of truth, and a foundation for life that is built on something that never changes, so let's grab some headphones (or an auxiliary cable), a cup of coffee (or car keys), and dig into The Good News with Fr. Mike and Jeff Cavins to help us better stand, grounded in the Life-Giver.

Thank you for being here! LINKS:

(1) https://catholicreligionteacher.com/fr-mike-schmitz/

(2) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVdGX3N-WIJ5nUvklBTNhAw

(3) https://podcasts.apple.com/.../umd-newman.../id273537688

(4) https://bulldogcatholic.org/about.../about-fr-mike-schmitz/

(5) https://podcasts.apple.com/.../the-bible-in.../id1539568321

(6) https://thejeffcavinsshow.fireside.fm/episodes

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