Deepen My Relationship

Although I’ve prayed the rosary countless times, Mary has felt distant and unrelatable, to me, for a long time. I tried to deepen my relationship with her but my efforts felt fruitless, so I gave up. I could tell you a bit about her, I knew prayers that are said through her, but I didn’t really know her.

This month, as you all know, has been the month of Mary and we’ve been writing on her throughout the month’s entirety. Despite my hesitation, this ended up being an amazing opportunity for me, as I was able to reflect on Our Mother in ways that I yet hadn’t. I was quite intimidated going into this month because I was very aware of how little I know about her. The key for me is to not get thrown off by all that I don’t know, but rather to allow this awareness to humble me and ask God for an open heart.

Thanks to our CWG community I was able to read and reflect on topics like dogmas, the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother, her appearance in La Salette, and the Three Hail Marys Novena. Additionally, through the topic of Consecration to Our Mother, I was led to a beautiful letter written by St Mother Teresa that went straight through my walls and comfortably nestled itself right in my heart.

Reading, reflecting and writing on Mary, helped her feel closer to me, particularly when I was writing on Our Lady of La Salette. Before that week, I was unaware that Mary had even appeared there. Nevertheless, the whole process of putting my post together was so smooth, the words felt like they were spilling out from my fingertips. I don’t recall being stressed or overwhelmed for a single second. I also lived a few hours from La Salette a few years ago, so it felt like she was literally close to home. I felt more connected to Mary during the writing of this post than at any moment prior to... it was as if Mary nudged me a little to show me that she had been there the whole time.

I really enjoyed learning more about Our Mother and although it takes much more than just reading about a person to develop a living, intimate relationship with them, it is one part of discovering who Mary is. I desire to continue this never ending discovery of Mary, beyond the books, so that when I talk about her it’s less what I have learned of her, and more what I have experienced with her.

I encourage our CWG community to snuggle in with something to read on any of the topics that I mentioned, particularly on the topic of Mary's apparitions, to help us see how close Our Mother really is.

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