Daughter of a King

“I am 24 years old, and ever since I was small, I wanted to be a princess. I remember one day when I was really little, I was laying on the floor as my mom was folding laundry. I said to her, “Mom, I want to be a princess.” And she said to me, one day you will be a princess, you will get married and be your husband’s princess. For now, you are your daddy’s princess. I said, “No, that’s fake! I don’t want to be somebody’s princess, and I don’t want to be a Disney princess; I want to be a real princess.” I always wanted a really important job and to do something really grand with my life.

A few years later, I was standing outside of an abortion clinic, and reflecting on the fifth glorious mystery of the rosary, the coronation of our Lady. As I was praying, I realized we are all going to be royalty in heaven one day. Eventually I came to understand that right now, life is about trying to figure out how to have that esteem, how to find that grand purpose. Father Luigi Giussani says that for a religion to be relevant to any part of our lives, it has to be relevant to every single part of our lives. Therefore, the everyday has eternal significance; everything that I do now echoes in eternity. Everything that I do on this earth will have eternal repercussions. So, I get to live out my identity right now on this earth, as a princess, the daughter of a King.

When I know my true identity lies in Him, I have a true feeling of worth. I know that I am worthy because of Him. And everything that I do here, will have a grand effect for eternity.”

Photo by: Anna Dzieciol Photography

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