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The entirety of the quote is as follows:

"We start with guilt, then reason back to morality and a moral lawgiver. We start with evidence for design, then reason back to a designer. We start with personal worth and significance, then reason backward to the source of all meaning. We start with reality, then reason backward to a cause that makes the best sense of what people already know to be true." (1)

Hearing @Maria Gianna share this, in a pro-life seminar, made my heart smile. To me, it so beautifully nestles in my heart. Everything leads back to God... Even all of the seemingly complex moral questions, philosophical debates and daily struggles of life have their answers in Who our God is.

For me, this quote is one that ignites conviction and peace. Conviction because it makes clear that He is the Source and highlights His grandeur. Peace because if He is really the Source, then my worries seem unnecessary.

Throughout your day today, allow your daily routines to bring you back to our Creator in some way. Whether through the fact that He gave you what you have, created what You're using, or placed someone in Your life through whom He has worked miracles. When you find yourself attracted to someone or something, rest in the awe that this person or thing is a reflection of God.

As Chris Tomlin says, how great is our God! (2)

(1) Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions, Gregory Koukl (No, I haven't read this book but it has been strongly recommended to me!)

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDgmJFw6F64

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