Created by a loving God

I am taking a course on Catholic Mindfulness, with Dr. Gregory Bottaro, and in the most recent lesson he asked a question that really shook me. The question was "list 5 words to describe your spiritual self and 5 words to describe your physical self".

I had 5 positive words to describe my spiritual self and 5 negative words to describe my body.

My answer showed me what I really believed: my body is in the way of my happiness.

This was very shocking to me because of all that my head knows about the human body. Looking more deeply I came to understand why there was a huge gap between what my head knows about our bodies and what my heart believes: my interpretation of my experiences.

I reflected on some past experiences and I saw that these experiences brought very harmful messages to me about the human body. Because I left these messages unchallenged, I completely rejected the human body and so it's no surprise that I see the human body as a problem. In utter shock, I asked myself:

"How is it that my most painful experiences are related to the body yet God calls the body good?"

I sat with that question because I needed to know the answer. The more I wrote and reflected, the more I thought that maybe the problem isn't my body, or her body or his body, but our inability to know the sacredness of the body and to live that out.

I have so much to learn in regards to the Theology of the Body, and I am so grateful to know that I am on the right path. It's such a gift to be able to challenge past beliefs and seek for new truths. For truths that have always been true, but invisible to my eyes.

Your body and my body were created by a loving God with intentionality and purpose. There are likely many things that we've experienced or have heard that downplay the importance of the body. One of the reasons why I am loving Dr. Greg's course is that it aims to integrate the body and the mind so that we see that both are good and that both makeup who we are.

Let's keep in mind that the devil wants to separate our mind and our body - this is ultimately death. Take some time to answer the question that I had answered. May you come to see and believe in the sacredness that is your body. May you come to live in such a way that integrates every part of you and in such a way that shows the sacredness of your body and of the body of everyone around you.

Our bodies are good!

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