Courage is not the absence of fear

"You are so strong and courageous! You are not afraid of anything!" I cannot count how many times I probably heard that phrase...and how much I would cringe anytime I heard it because it could not be further from the truth. I am DEFINITELY AFRAID! More times than I can count. My husband can very much confirm how often I fall into fear and worries! It's not uncommon that we automatically associate courage with lack of fear. But if we really think about it, courage would make no sense if there was no fear. We need fear in order to truly be courageous. Let me explain a little more what I mean. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the virtue of not allowing yourself to be controlled by fear and having the strength to act even in the presence of fear. The feeling of fear is a natural human emotion, and many times it is there in order to prevent us from straying away from our path. The moment we allow ourselves to be consumed by fear is when it becomes dangerous, because fear can be so powerful and blinding. My dear ladies, it's ok to say that you are afraid. There is no shame in that. Call it out! We cannot grow in the virtue of courage if we don't call out our fears first. Remember that in your weakest moments you are the strongest, because that is when you can lean completely on God's strength. That is what He is calling us to do with our fears, call them out and then bring them to Him so that He can fill us with the strength to walk through them. Any moment where I felt courageous was not because I was stronger than my fear, it was because I allowed myself to lean on God who is perfect Love. and it is that "perfect love that casts out all fear." -1 John 4:18

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