Cooping with Anxiety

Many don't know this, but I suffer from anxiety.

There are days where the anxiety becomes overwhelming, like I am about burst from the inside. But most days, my anxiety lays dormant. When I was younger though, I would have an anxiety attack daily and I wouldn't understand what was happening within my own body.

The thing about anxiety is that most of us don't know how to cope with it or how to even manage it. We get stressed, overworked, overwhelmed and things just build up within our nervous system and it leads to anxiety.

My mom recently said to me that she was really inspired by me, because even though I have anxiety, it has never stopped me in my life and that I don't allow it to control me.

When I reflect on my own anxieties, I realize that the worst anxieties happened when I was living a life away from God, when I didn't have a relationship with Him.

God is the giver of peace. He is the only one who can calm our storms.

My dearest sisters, your relationship with God is a key step to dealing with mental health. With that, we are also called to take care of your bodies as well. Eat healthy foods, take walks, read books, take bubble baths, and talk with friends. And, if you cannot handle things on your own, seek help. There should never be shame when we are trying to better ourselves.

Most importantly, turn to the Lord. Make sure that you are going to Him daily and giving Him your stresses and things that are overwhelming you.

God is so loving and kind, that like a gentle Father, He wants to protect you. He offers us peace in moments of anxiety.

Praying for you always.

In Christ, Diana

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