Consecrate Yourself

Imagine this scene with me for a moment:

You have come to the palace to bring the king your best offering. This most perfect fruit that you grew on your farm. It is the most beautiful that you have ever seen and you wanted to offer your best to the king. You decide to bring it to the queen first and tell her how perfect this fruit it and how it is the best you have ever grown.

The queen smiles so warmly at you, seeing your joy in this gift and takes it, places it on a beautiful silver plate adorned with other decorations and the fruit completely SHINES! It has never looked as beautiful like it does now. Then she takes that silver plate with the fruit and offers your gift to the king.

When I heard this story I thought this was the best way I could describe what consecrating yourself to Mary is. If we want to look even deeper it is the simplest way, through Mary’s help and intercession, to help us become formed even more into the Image of her Son Jesus Christ. St. Louis de Monfort in his book “True Devotion to Mary” goes as far as saying that it is “the surest, easiest, and most perfect means" to becoming a saint.”

Why would we need to be formed into the Image of Jesus Christ, the Image of God if we are already made in that Image?

That is because not only are we made in the Image of God but we also still need to BECOME the Image of God. Think of it this way, why did God send his Son? For our salvation to free us from sin. Yes. But he also sent his Son to show us who we are to become. Jesus Christ is the image of true redemption. Every action we do either brings us closer to that or pulls us further away...which is why what we do and how we live our lives MATTERS!

Who knows her son better than a mother? Who knows Jesus Christ better than Our Lady, his Blessed Mother?

She does not want to take us away from her Son, but rather she desires to bring us closer too him in order to be conformed EVEN MORE into his Image. Everything she does and says is always directed back towards Christ.

This week we will discover what it means to consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and essentially consecrating yourself to Christ through her heart, why it is so significant and why so many well known saints took on this devotion?

As intense as this may sound, we encourage you to journey with us and grow in closer relationship with Our Mother, who wants nothing more than to brings us into the heart of her Son.

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