Congratulations Sandra!

Tomorrow morning, one of our wonderful team members, Sandra, is going to be getting ready for the walk of her life. Tomorrow, she is going to be a bride. Tomorrow, she becomes a wife.

I have known Sandra for many years now. We met well over a decade ago at a walking pilgrimage and we instantly connected. The first day we met, we stayed up talking as if we had known each other our entire lives. We talked about everything: our lives, hobbies, dreams, faith, aspirations. It was an instant connection.

It has been an incredible privilege to not only be a witness to Sandra's journey over the years, but to also be a part of it. I feel so lucky to have been able to journey with her. We have cried together and laughed together more times than I can count. But above all, we have grown together.

A friendship like ours is one I truly believe God sends into our lives. I know I can always count on Sandra to be there for me, to lovingly call me out when I am in the wrong, and to pray for me when I need it. I hope she always knows that she can count on me for the same.

What I have been so admirable of about Sandra in her journey, is how she continually trusted God. Her desire to become a wife has always been there, but even in her single seasons, she continued to persevere and trust in the Lord. So ladies, if you are currently in that "single season" but feel called to marriage, do not allow discouragement to enter your heart and know that the Lord answers our prayers so perfectly; more perfectly than we could even imagine. The man that He has sent for Sandra to marry in so many ways is the answer to her prayers. He is a godly man who strives for holiness in all he does. He is kind, caring, patient, smart, and loving. Bonus points for them being able to be total nerds together, making each other crack up on the daily. Christ knew that they were to be together, and as they surrendered themselves to His will, He sent them directly to each other.

And with that, tomorrow, I will get to witness the most important day of her life: the day she walks down the Church isle towards the altar to meet her beloved. She will be leaving that Church as a wife, having had stepped into the beautiful vocation the Lord has called her to. As she walks down that isle, I can't help but think of Christ walking with her. She has walked with Him, really and truly, every moment of her life and this moment will be no different. Just like our earthly parents walk us down to the altar, our heavenly Father desires to do the same. Yet another moment where heaven and earth truly unite.

My sisters, if I could invite you all to join me in praying for Sandra on this very important and special day, it would mean so very much. May God lead her and her very soon-to-be husband on their vocation path towards heaven.

With love, Kasia

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