Confession overcomes pride

My dearest sisters,

I remember this one confession from when I was at a high school retreat. I remember being so scared to go to the priest. I hated going to confession so much, it would always cause me to have great anxiety. But I was at this retreat and I felt like I should probably go to confession because it had been such a long time.

I remember when I got there and I confessed all my sins, I breathed a sigh of relief. The priest looked at me and he said that there is nothing to worry about with going to confession. But he also said something so profound that I have held onto until today. One of the greatest sins that a lot of Catholics have is pride. They don't go to confession because they think that being Catholic automatically means that they are not going to be sinners and fall, and they get too embarrassed to show their weakness by going to confession.

We set this expectations on ourselves, and when we fall we start to negative self talk, "Oh I'm the worst, I did this or that." and we sometimes even go to the extreme "God will never be able to love me because I'm such a sinner." Pride within ourselves sets these unrealistic expectations of us constantly being perfect. And what we often forget is that only through saving grace can you be perfected.

It was my pride that kept me from going to confession for so long. Because I did not want admit my failures and weakness, even before God, who is all knowing.

But what confession offers us is the grace of humility to come before God, and say Lord I fell down again. I need your help to get back up and keep going.

Now, today we start Lent. And what a more perfect time to go to confession and practice humility and strive to live out in grace for the next 46 days.

Praying with you all my sisters.

In Christ, Diana

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