Come Holy Spirit

Yesterday during the homily, our priest was strongly emphasizing the power of the Holy Spirit and how many times we underestimate His power. When we think of having a relationship with God we usually associate it more with God the Father or God the Son, Jesus Christ. But sometimes we forget about the third person of the Trinity....God the Holy Spirit. Have you ever had a moment when you had to say something or do something but we're afraid how you would be able to handle it? Have you had a that same moment when you said a prayer before and then you went out and said or did something that you never would've thought of or had the courage to do on your own? Almost as if it was someone else acting or speaking through you? That was the Holy Spirit! I was brought back to a moment in St. Mother Teresa's life when she went to a bakery to ask for bread for the orphans she cared for. She was very persistent with the baker and he eventually got so fed up with her that he spat in her face with frustration. She looked at him and said, "that was for me, now Can I have something for the children?" Wow! Talk about letting the Holy Spirit take full control! St. Mother Teresa never would have been able to do everything that she did without the help of the Holy Spirit. If we are to be temples of the Holy Spirit, but we don't invite Him to live inside our hearts...well then we have an empty temple, an empty home. We are just hollow. Invite the Holy Spirit into your day today with one simple prayer....COME HOLY SPIRIT. Then step back and watch as He completely amazes you with how much he changes your life today! Walking Together, Sandra

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