Co-Operate with His work!

Sometimes I find I catch myself taking a passive approach to prayer. I sit and pray, and quite honestly just expect something to happen from thin air.

Now this is not to say that pray in of itself is passive or not powerful...it most certainly is WAY more powerful than we could ever imagine. But I find it is our steps outside of prayer that we settle for being passive.

I always loved this quote from St. Augustine:

"Work as if everything depended on you. Pray as if everything depended on God."

I feel he beautifully expresses how God wants us to work with Him in everything we do. We can't treat God like this magician who will wave a wand and POOF make it all the way we want it to be. God didn't want this kind of relationship with us.

He has entrusted us to CO-OPERATE with Him in doing His work here on earth. Look at how beautifully He entrusted married couples to co-operate with Him in the work of bringing in new life into this world. God could've done it differently, but He didn't want us to be passive. He wants us to be active with Him.

So today when you pray, pray with that full trust that God hold everything together and that in the end everything truly does depend on Him. But then take the graces you have been filled with and actively co-operate in this work!

Walking together


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