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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

"I was born in Poland. I come from a Polish immigrant family, and faith is something very central to our lives. When I was young, I didn’t always seem to understand its significance. I didn’t understand why my mother would pray the rosary. I could not relate to her religious fervor. My father was also a pious man, he was a church organist and I often saw him praying on his knees in the early morning. Being raised by devout parents while going to a public school in Toronto was often a hair raising experience. I often wondered, “Who is right?”

One of the most difficult moments of my life was when my father died suddenly while on holidays in Poland. I was in my early twenties. My parents were supposed to go to Poland together, but my mother had broken her hip, hospitalized she couldn’t go. I remember being angry at my father for leaving my mother alone to go back to Poland to visit family. That was the last conversation that I had with him.

When he passed away, I didn’t know how I would survive. It was then that I started to go to daily mass, almost out of desperation. In a sense I was testing, searching, discerning if what my parents had said about the mass was true. Although I had been told to believe that Jesus was in the Eucharist, but could He help me out of this pit of grief? So, I went, because I felt like I had hit my rock bottom and if Christ was really there, He would be able to pull me up.

It was through the Sacraments that my life completely changed."

#CatholicsOfToronto Part 2 of Dorothy's Story

Photo: Anna Dzieciol Photography

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