Choose to nurture it right then and there

[Disclaimer at the end] Ok, it is hard enough to navigate this mainly unpredictable thing called life, so why in the world do we, or at least I, make it harder by beating myself up for my life not looking like "that"? It actually makes no sense whatsoever, but there I go again engaging in thought patterns that are sure to kill off whatever motivation I had left, and perhaps leave me in the negatives... again…

When I start getting down on myself for my life looking this way and not THAT way, it's really not helping me make the most of what I have. In fact, it makes me unable to see what I do have, let alone use it for good!

I think this preoccupation-with-what-others-are-doing thing is, in part, a sneaky way to procrastinate from doing what it is that I need to do be doing because, how much easier is it to look at appealing Instagram stories than it is to complete a school assignment? Or to face uncomfortable feelings?

The more I practice a curious self-awareness (mindfulness), the more focused I become on my own life, namely what I am called to do at that moment, and in the long-term. If I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to be doing right now, I can remind myself that I am always called to be in the present moment, because that is where I find God (Dr. Greg Bottaro). So girl, wherever you are, however, your life is currently looking like, embrace it so that you can exploit the opportunities nestled within it.

All in all, the problem isn't being aware of what others are doing, but rather losing track of our divine purpose here on earth. Tend to your soil, throw in some seeds, water your grass and take care of the resulting irreplaceable, lavish, garden... the one that has grown precisely where you are, because you chose to nurture it right then and there. Bloom where you are planted, my love.

DISCLAIMER: There are many reasons that we distract ourselves or behave the way we do for that matter, and sometimes what we do is a signal to us that there are underlying mental health concerns that need to be tended to. I am by no means simplifying the healing process because sometimes it's not so straightforward. That being said, I believe that what we do matters, as our behavior can either helps us or hinders us. It is truly empowering when we are able to acknowledge things that are bringing us down and slowly work to change them. One thing at a time, one moment at a time. You are worth it!

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