Calling out to God

I was watching my a group of my students as they were completing a task we gave them during a retreat where they had to figure out how to gain all the supplies they needed in order to create something. I watched as one group would just sit together and constantly yell "DOES ANYONE HAVE BLUE CUPS??" Eventually they gave up on the yelling and got up to walk to another group to ask if they had extra cups, and they found everything they needed much quicker that way. Many times it is the same with us in our spiritual life. Sometimes we will sit and just yell, with no intention of actually moving or getting up to do anything. We take on a passive role and expect that when we call out, we will receive everything we need. Yes sometimes it takes that step of calling out to God, of crying out to Him what is sitting on your heart. But I have found that it also means we need to get up and go to Him, because only there will we be able to find our true help. Maybe it means getting up and going to mass. Maybe it's getting up and going to confession. Maybe it's getting up and going to spend time with Him in adoration. Or maybe it's getting up from the couch and opening Scripture and listening. There are different ways that we need to get up, but we all still need to make that effort of making an active action. Get up and a go to Him! Walking Together, Sandra

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