Called To Be His Disciples

Whenever we think about our calling to be disciples of Christ, often, we think of this role as how it stands in the world. Very seldom do we think of it as a role that starts in our household.

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." - St. Mother Teresa

My sisters, the truth is that it all starts in the home. Our most important disciples reside there and we encounter them each evening at our kitchen tables.

Let us look at Christ and the Last Supper. It was through the breaking of bread with His disciples at the dinner table that the Lord instituted the Eucharist. And it was from that table that these disciples went out and shared this with the rest of the world, changing it forever.

It starts with those directly around us - our family. This especially holds true to children, who are wide-eyed and eager to learn. It is at home that we can teach them the Catholic faith and it is by God's grace that they will use their lives as a witness to the world.

Have you ever met a truly joyful man or woman that just radiates? Something about them makes them stand out from the rest and you can't help but feel awe as you speak to them.

I have encountered several men and women of God, fully dedicated to the faith and love of Christ and the Sacraments, who have left me speechless. There is a heavenly beauty about them that makes you want the very same. In encountering them, we encounter the desire to know more; we uncover a deeper desire for the truth that they have uncovered. In that moment, they are a witness to the faith; a disciple of Christ to those with whom their paths cross.

I don't know about you, but I so deeply desire to become that way. To feel like I have reached a moment of true surrender to Christ and to the faith, in which I can live joyfully and at peace. I desire to become that disciple of Christ whom through the way I live my life I can be a living witness to my family and friends.

But it all starts at home. One day at a time, one moment at a time. It is in the choices we make, the way we speak to our family and loved ones, and the way we spend our time that ultimately paves our path towards this joy. Not only is it in our homes that we can truly begin to live out our calling as a disciple, but it is there that we can 'recruit' more of them if God gifts a family with children.

To be a disciple... What a great blessing to be entrusted with. It is a serious responsibility to take on, no doubt, but it all starts with the little ways in which we can witness to our family and those around us.

So tonight, go home and love your family.

In Christ, Kasia

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