Burdened with Serving?

Anytime we hear the word serving, it's common for women to automatically associate it with being someone's servant. Being lower in a way.

I was reflecting on the scene in the bible when Jesus goes to Martha and Mary's house. We read in the Gospel of Luke that Martha welcomed Jesus into her home (Luke 10:38). When I think of welcoming someone into my home, I think of this joy of having them visit. It wasn't just a mere greeting, she welcomed him!

Notice what happens next. Martha gets distracted by all of these tasks and then goes to Jesus with a complaint as to why isn't her sister helping her. Does this mean that Martha was doing something bad by preparing everything in the kitchen and being a good host?

Of course not! But there is something very crucial that we are missing.

The minute her focus turned to her work and the tasks she had to do, instead of who she was doing them for, she becomes filled with "distraction by her many tasks" (Luke 10:40). Some translations write it that she was "burdened with serving".

How many times have you sat in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking with that same feeling of a burden? Or folded laundry after your kids for the billionth time and felt that same burden?

When we become distracted by the tasks themselves, we feel unease and feel that negative association of being someone's servant.

The minute we take that step back, and return to how when Martha was focused on the person she was serving, how she was focused on Christ, we see she was overjoyed to welcome him into her home.

Instead of focusing on what you are serving...focus on WHO you are serving.

Walking Together, Sandra

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