Bi-Polar Disorder

THE INTERVIEW: Here is one of the many largely misunderstood areas of mental health. Thankfully, there are places and sources that will help us better understand issues that may perplex us. Lila Rose, a well known Catholic pro-life advocate, spoke with Ashley Bratcher, a Christian actress who starred in the movie Unplanned, in an interview, that seems to have done just that. Ashley knows the experience of bi-polar disorder very well because she herself carries this diagnosis. In the interview, Ashley shares the struggles she faces as a result of this diagnosis, and everything that stands behind it, particularly when it was undiagnosed. She also speaks of what she is doing to help herself and how bi-polar disorder has actually benefitted her.

• This podcast episode covers the following topics, amongst others:

- Getting support that is in-line with God's word

- What to do if the hunt for Catholic support is unsuccessful

- How to love people, who have this diagnosis (or anyone at all for that matter)

- The use of "shoulds" and other shame-inducing judgments

- What bi-polar disorder is and isn't

- Our spiritual battle

- Examples of resources (free, 24/7, and paid)

SUPPORTING YOU: If you, yourself, are experiencing bi-polar disorder, know that this deserves your attention and loving care. My hope is that, in listening to this podcast, you are able to feel heard and encouraged in seeking the help that you deserve. You are worthy of being supported, and it is an amazingly courageous thing to acknowledge such a need and tend to the areas of life that require extra loving. We all struggle, albeit sometimes in various ways. We are all in need of a Healer, and so here we stand together. I am sorry for any invalidation, minimization, loneliness, confusion, pain, and suffering that you may have experienced as a result of this diagnosis and everything that stands behind it. Know that your body and mind deserve to be nourished and treated well. Give yourself the gift of support. Although you may experience fear, allow yourself to continuously dig deeper, with safe people, for the answers your heart desires

SUPPORTING OTHERS: Near the end of the interview, Lila Rose highlights that "there is always more to the story", and this we need to remember when it comes to any and every human being, including ourselves. There is a lot that can't be seen on the outside, and many things that are difficult for us to understand. This calls for compassion and an open heart, some of the exact attitudes we hope to receive from others. I will not pretend that this is easy to give, as I often want to fix "problems" and get any uncomfortable feelings out of the way ASAP. The thing is that people are not broken computers that need to be fixed but body-soul unities that need to be understood, loved and transformed. Let us, then, focus our attention on providing a relationship that can provide the latter, and allow God to tend to the rest. Let's do better, together

With Love,



INTERVIEW LILA ft. ASHLEY: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-3gpnm-6d5e973...

BI-POLAR DISORDER: https://catholiccharitiescamden.org/.../bi-polar-disorder/

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