Better followers of Christ

We can pretend that we believe one thing or another, but our lifestyle may tell another story. I believe it was Lysa Terkeurst who quoted those very words - our behavior may actually tell on us.

This sounds intimidating but it is actually a great source of empowerment for us because we get to learn about ourselves, reflect on what we've experienced and on why we behave the way we behave. We get to discover ourselves on a deeper level and this knowledge can empower us to seek change.

The point isn't to behave accordingly so that no one knows we make mistakes (surprise, we all know because we're on the same boat!). Instead, this quote encourages us to be aware of our actions so that we can seek healing and make changes where necessary.

When doing this, it's important for us to uncover our beliefs in particular. There may be maybe lies that we accept as truths (i.e. I'm not enough) or truths that we accept as lies (i.e. I am loved). If we don't work with the core issues, we get stuck, we keep falling into the same sin and wonder why.

This weekend, reflect on what would be healthy for you to change, by observing your (likely virtual) interactions with others and your daily schedule. My hope and prayer is that, through self-awareness, and a constant deepening of our relationship with Christ we can be better followers today than we were yesterday.

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