Best plan for you

My dear single ladies,

Does it ever feel like we are waiting three steps back behind everyone else? Sometimes it feels like this unattainable race that we are all running and competing in, trying to play catch up with our friends. But life is not suppose to be a race. It is not a competition, to see who is going to get to the finish line because there no one way to the finish line. Each of us walks down very different paths to get to Heaven and we must not fear that we are falling behind.

Instead, what I want you to think about is your relationship with God. Before you allow someone to come into your heart, and take a substantial piece of it, make sure that Your heart is set in Christ. That you have the qualities of a godly woman, who loves, who serves and who genuinely cares for those around her. Make sure you have a deep relationship with the Lord, so that no matter what may come, you know you have someone who loves you infinitely more and is always there for you.

It's easy to feel lonely in the season of singleness, but that's why we must fall in love with God even more. Because no matter the status of our relationship, we know that we are not alone. We know that God is always by our side.

My dearest ladies, trust God in this period of your lives and know that He has the best plans for you. But this is your time to spend with Him. He has given you this beautiful period of your life to work on your virtues, your friendships, hobbies, and most of all your relationship with Him. Don't waste this time.

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