Become in tune with the sound of His voice

Remember back when we didn't have caller ID? Seems like so long ago now! But remember if let's say your mom called, or a best friend...you didn't need that caller ID to tell you who was on the other line. You recognized their voice instantly!

Now let's say you met a new co-worker or fellow student in class and they were the ones who called you. My guess is you would have to ask who is calling because you don't recognize their voice.

What was different? Time!

You have spent more time with your mom or best friend vs. the new person you just met. You not only have taken the time to know them more, but through that time you have become fully in tune with the sound of their voice.

Many times we ask this question: How do I even know if this is God's voice?

I struggled with this question for many years because it still seemed so confusing to me to distinguish what was from God and what wasn't. What changed this was the moments I started to dedicate more time with God. Whether it was time in prayer, time reading Scripture or writings of the Saints, or just random conversations I would have with Him. Through that we become more in tune with God's voice.

Christ reminds us in the Gospel of John, "My sheep hear my voice; I know them and they follow me" (John 20:27). The sheep trust their shepherd because they know his voice, they recognize it and trust it because they have been with him and spent time following him.

Am I perfectly able to always recognize God's voice? There are still moments when I struggle, but at the same time there are also moments when I don't need to second guess or think twice because I KNOW His voice.

Spend time with our Heavenly Father, become in tune with the sound of His voice. That way when you hear it...you will know it is Him.

Walking Together,

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