Become a virtuous person

Do you ever want to get through one season of life ASAP so that you can move on to the next? Or do you ever want to finally become [insert virtuous quality here] already, so that you would never have to work for it again? (1). This mindset makes us into human doings because we have boiled down our lives to completing a checklist.

Because we are doing rather than being, we miss "the WORTH of the moment". And it is in that moment that God is found. I believe it is in that moment that we learn to be in relationship with ourselves and with the world as well.

I remember hearing about God's presense in the present during Dr. Greg Bottaro's virtual retreat on Catholic Mindfulness (2) and it blew my mind! God felt far because my mind was constantly ruminating on the past or getting lost in what ifs. My struggle to be in the here and now limited my relationship with God and so naturally my relationship with myself and others as well.

Not only did this eureka moment help me understand my past experience but it also gave me direction for today - to be in the now.

Obviously this is easier said than done (what's new?) so expect this journey to take time. As with anything that we start, or work towards, we move one step at a time.

Today, choose 1 hour to do only ONE thing at a time.

If you're talking on the phone, don't walk around the house cleaning it during your call. If you're spending time with someone, listen to what they are saying rather than thinking about how best to reply. If you're exercising, notice things around you, and in you - your breath, your heartbeat, the music, the people around you, the scents of the area. If you're eating within this hour, slowly experience everything there is to experience in your meal - the texture, the touch, the overall taste, the shape, the color, the spices. If you're watching the video by Fr. Mike Schmitz, don't text, don't paint your nails or prepare food, just watch the video. If you're cleaning, observe the color of your cleaning tools, the grooves in the bathroom tiles, the shape of the faucet, the design of the shower curtain.

When we "recognize that this (now) is the only moment [we] have to [become a virtuous person], then we begin to realize the worth of every single moment" (1), So, gently challenge yourself as you immerse yourself in the moment that you have been given. Rediscover what has become mundane and learn to use every moment as an opportunity to become a better you.

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