Become a Saint

I was talking to a few people recently about faith and heaven and I recall a very common response that many of us give, "I just want to be a good person, that's all that matters to me."

Yes being a good person is important but after thinking and praying about it more...that is not enough. It is not enough that we just "act like a good person and do nice things to people."

As I was praying about it I started thinking about how this approach would look in my marriage, for example. What would my relationship be like if all I did for my husband was good acts. I would clean, I would cook, I would make sure he has everything he needs...but that's all I would do. I wouldn't strive to have a deeper relationship with him, I wouldn't strive to become the greatest wife I could be for him. I would just be a good person.

Thinking about it in that perspective sure there would be nothing bad that I was doing, but it would be missing a lot. It would be a superficial relationship.

When God calls every one of us....yes EVERYONE...to become a saint it doesn't mean He just wants us to be good people and be nice to those around us. God wants a relationship with us! He wants us to become GREAT SAINTS...which means God wants us in heaven with Him. He wants that eternal joy with us, His children.

How do we grow in that relationship with Him? We get to know Him through His word, we spend time with Him during prayer, we invite Him to journey through our day with us, and we strive to become the person we have been created to be.

My dear sisters, you were not called to just be good, meet the checkpoints and be nice. You are meant for HEAVEN! You are called to be a great saint!

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